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Sensor de nível de graxa digital cerâmico HPT613 D para medição de nível

Informação básica

Modelo: HPT613D

Descrição do produto

\ n Transmissores de Nível de Pressão Digital com Capacitor de Cerâmica HPT613-D \ n (Tipo de nível do tanque de combustível, sinal digital, medição de nível de diesel / gasolina / graxa / medição de nível de líquido de causticidade) \ n \ n


* Accuracy: ≤±0.25%F.S.

* RS485/RS232/USB Digital signal output

* Wide working temperature scope

* Advanced digital temperature compensation.

*Excellent resistance against impact, overload, Shock and erosion.

*Highly-efficient lighting absorption and strong RFI & EMI resistance

* 2 times range standard overload.

* 4 times range burst pressure


* Industrial course testing and control

* Automatic testing system

* well level measurement and control

* Sea water level measurement and control

* Industrial course testing and control

* Laboratory equipment

* Oil and Fuel Tank level measuring

* Automatic detection system

* Saving water to irrigate

* And so on



HPT613-D series digital pressure level transmitter with high stable and reliable, which use E+H ceramic capacitor pressure sensor and high accurate circuit board into the stainless steel housing. Integrated construction and standard signal provide the user easy and convenient application in the local working place. The special cable connects with housing, can be immerged into the media for a long time.

HPT613-D series digital pressure level transmitters are a high accuracy digital and intellectual product development by German E+H to meet the market needs of worldwide. HPT613-D designed incorporating with monolithic computer technology and sensor digital conversion technology, which core component adopts 24-bit AD MCU micro-processor to ensure high quality of the transmitter relaying on its strong function and high speed operation capacity. The overall designed framework is to meet the requirements of increasingly enhanced industrial site application with a view to reliability, stability, high accuracy and the product also features strong function and without manually operating device to ensure good interaction. Application digital signal processing technology is made for good disturbance immunity. It’s also feature zero point automatic stable follow up capacity and temperature automatic compensation.

\ n \ n sensor de nível de combustível de capacitância digital HPT613 D \ nPara medição de pressão de nível \ nPode ser personalizado \ nPara uso amplo \ nCE \ n \ n \ n Especificações: \ n



Pressure Range:

-1 Bar-0-0.025 Bar...20 Bar / 0-0.25M...200M H2O Optional


200% F.S.

Burst Pressure

400% F.S.


(Linearity Hysteresis


≤ ±0.25%F.S (standard)

≤ ±0.1%F.S (0-60 degree C)

Including non-lin., rep. and hys. Optional

Long Stability:

Standard: 0.1%F.S±0.05%/Year

Max: 0.2%F.S±0.05%/Year

Working Temp:


Storage Temp:


Temperature Compensation:


Medium compatible:

Compatible with 316L Stainless Steel or Titanium Alloy or PTFE materiel.





4-20 mA +RS485

4-20 mA +HART

Power Supply:

10~ 30 V DC (standard)

3.6V Li-Battery (for customized), Baud rate 2400

5 ~ 9 V DC (for customized)

Baud rate:

2400 , 9600 (standard), 19200, 115200 (customized)

Data format:

1-bit start bit, 8-bit data bit, 1-bit stop bit

Odd and even calibration:


Sampling rate:

10 points/second to 1 point/50 minutes


20 bit 10ppm

Loading Resistance:


Insulate resistance:

>100M   @500V dc

Zero Temp. Drift:

Typical: 0.05%FS/°C

Max: 0.08%FS/°C

FS Temp. Drift:

Typical: 0.05%FS/°C

Max: 0.08%FS/°C

Electronic connection:

Fixed cable and water proof IP68

Response time:

≤10 ms

Pressure Type:

Gage pressure and Absolute pressure optional.

Certificate approving:

Exia IICT6 and CE Certificate.

EMC Standard:

electromagnetic radiation:EN50081-1/-2

electromagnetic susceptibility:EN50082-2

Lighting Proof:

Air conducts withstand voltage 8000V Shell and Cable conduct withstand voltage 4000V.

Water Proof:



Net weight is about 0.4KG, Full Packing weight is about 3.0KG (Not Include Cable)


Special applications request by order

OEM&ODM are available, just contact Ms. Ting Lee to send your detailed requirements.

sensor de nível de tanque de combustível de capacitância de sinal digital HPT613 D \ n sensor de nível de gasolina de sinal digital para medição de nível HPT613 D \ n sensor de nível de graxa de cerâmica digital para medição de nível HPT613 D \ n \ n \ n \ n Temos tipos de sensores de pressão, transmissores de pressão / transdutores, medidores / medidores de nível ultrassônicos, medidores de vazão, medidores de gravação, indicadores digitais com dados diferentes / personalizados. \ n Entre em contato com a Sra. Ting Lee, vamos discutir mais. \ n

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