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Sensor nivelado da pressão do diafragma para a mineração de carvão

Informação básica

Modelo: HPT902

Descrição do produto

\ n sensor de pressão de diafragma embutido para poço de mineração e poços de campo petrolífero HPT902 \ n Sensor de pressão especial para campo petrolífero, polpa e poço de mineração ---- HPT902-A \ n Sensores de pressão tipo comuns ---- HPT902-B \ n \ n \ n


*High temperature and high pressure

*High accuracy and high stability

*Vibration, impact and corrosion resistant

fully stainless steel structure

*Small dimensions, light weight, and direct

process installation

*Long time lifetime and stability.

*Automation temperature compensation


*In- the- well instrument for petroleum

*Airspace and aerospace

*Pharmaceutical, bio-chemical, fermentation system

*The other automatic control and detect systems

*Medical and food industries

*Liquid level measurement

*Slurry pipeline pressure monitor

*And so on



HPT902 series special Pressure transducer for oilfield and mining well is specially designed and manufactured for very bad environment such as clogging pressure-guided hole due to slurry as well as strong vibration in oilfield drilling and well measuring. HPT902-A transducer takes European advanced splashing thin/ thick membrane ceramic pressure sensor as sensitive element and is integrated with electronic circuit. This type of pressure transducer is of fully stainless steel cylindrical structure, with easy operation. It is specially used for such viscous, easily clogging, strongly vibrating industrial site as well measuring in oilfield, pharmaceutical, textile etc. There is also an economic selection for HPT902-B, which is takes Germany advanced Diffusion of silicon chips for production and quality is stability and have a long time pressure cycles over 108. HPT902-B widely uses on the field of medical, food, irrigation, water conservancy and level measurement.

\ n \ n \ n Especificações: \ n




Pressure Range:

-100kPa-0-+100kPa.....2200Bar Optional

Pressure Type:

Gauge pressure


200%F.S. (where 1.1 times of full-scale pressure for the 1000Bar products)

Burst Pressure

400% F.S.


(Linearity Hysteresis


≤ ±0.5%F.S

≤ ±0.2%F.S

≤ ±0.15%F.S

Including non-lin., rep. and hys.


Long Stability:

Standard: 0.2%F.S±0.05%

Working Temp:

-30°C~100°C or -40°C~125°C (customized)

Storage Temp:


Temperature Compensation:



compatible with 316L stainless steel

Electronic Wire:

2~4 Wires according output signal (with Shield layer)


4~20mA; 1~5V DC; 0~5V DC; 0~10V DC optional.

Power Supply:

10~32V DC (generally 24V DC)

Temperature performance

Zero point temperature coefficient: 0.02%FS/°C

Sensitivity temperature coefficient: 0.02%FS/°C

Thermal lagging:

±0.1%F.S (typical)


±0.01%F.S (X,Y,Z axis 200Hz/g)

Response time:

≤1 ms

Load resistance:


Insulation resistance:

100MΩ, 500V DC

Mechanical life:

5,000,000 pressure cycles

Enclosure protection degree:

Plug type (IP65), Cable type (IP67), Submergible type (IP68)

Pressure mounting port:

G1/2’’ male, G1’’ male, M20*1.5 male, M30*1.5 male optional

Explore proof:


Material of housing:

304, 316 Stainless Steel


Approx. 500g

OEM&ODM are available, just contact Ms. Ting Lee to send your detailed requirements.

\ n \ n sensor de pressão de diafragma embutido para polpa de campo petrolífero e poço de mineração HPT902 \ n-100kPa-0- + 100kPa ..... 2200Bar Opcional \ nCE \ n \ n \ n \ n Temos tipos de sensores de pressão, transmissores de pressão / transdutores, medidores / medidores de nível ultrassônicos, medidores de vazão, medidores de gravação, indicadores digitais com dados diferentes / personalizados. \ n Entre em contato com a Sra. Ting Lee, vamos discutir mais. \ n

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